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“You are one of the most helpful, communicative engineers I’ve had the privilege to work with. Awesome!! Thanks again.”

Paul H., Colorado

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On The Boards Jun 16th — Exciting New Project Collaboration with Tabberson Architects for a new anchor building in a community center park - a 5000 sq. ft. restaurant/tavern, with ample covered exterior seating, all with exposed heavy timber.

Our team is growing May 13th — Welcome our new team members!

GEBAU, Inc. Celebrating 39 Years in Business! Jan 1st — Since 1982, we have been providing high-quality, customized structural engineering services to a variety of architect, developer, homeowner, and contractor clients. As of 2021, we are still going strong!

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Gebau, Inc. provides comprehensive structural engineering services from the planning phase through construction administration. Our vital role in any given project is to provide efficient and cost-effective structural designs that facilitate our clients' architectural and aesthetic intent.  Our construction documents provide a clear plan of the structural components and architectural integration.  We pride ourselves in contributing to successful projects that meet our clients’ needs and expectations from start to finish.

Over the past three decades Gebau, Inc. has been expanding its experience level by working on a wide variety of projects. As a result, each project benefits from the cumulative experience we've gained over the years.  Take a look through the list of services we offer below and click to read more about any of the services we offer.


Our extensive and regular participation in residential projects has given us a unique knowledge and skill set that contributes to the overall success of each project.



Our 30 year presence in the market of design of new commercial structures and modification or remediation of existing commercial buildings of all ages enables us to offer valuable input into the design and construction programs defined by building owners, contractors, and tenants.

Remodels & Additions

Gebau, Inc. has extensive experience with residential and commercial building modifications and additions.  Sound performance with attention to needs of the new and existing structure are the goals, economic sense and buildability are the tools.



Long before it became fashionable, Gebau, Inc. was dedicated to sustainable design. We strive to encourage the utilization of both energy and material resources. In many situations it can be financially practical, and environmentally and economically beneficial for the surrounding community.


Historic Preservation

Our company was formed in 1982 with a strong emphasis on renovation and preservation work.  We have consulted on numerous historical structure preservations, repairs, and reconstruction of historical buildings and landmarks. 


Existing Building Assessments

Throughout our firm's 30 year history, prospective building purchasers, commercial real estate companies and building owners have hired us to evaluate buildings with respect to general repair, occupancy use, and expandability. Whether you need an assessment or a building condition evaluation, we have the insight to help you make informed decisions.


Structural Problem Identification & Expert Opinion

Our design and structural investigative engineers have investigated hundreds of structures.  We assist building owners, homeowners associations, attorneys, and contractors in assessing irregularities, structural repair and failures, and remediation recommendations.


Extraordinary Structures

Of course, not all structures are intended for human occupancy.  Therefore we take an interest when extraordinary structures are presented to us by our clients.  Artwork and sculpture, pedestrian and light-duty vehicular bridges, sunshade and shelter structures, and stabilization of naturally occurring features are just a few of the extraordinary elements we design that are outside the traditional building realm.

Technology & Methods

As industry leaders, we're constantly seeking new techniques and technologies to improve our structural designs.  These inform our expertise and impact every project we do.