We provide insightful, collaborative structural engineering design  solutions for the creation of safe, healthy, and inspiring structures.

about gebau consulting


Our name comes from the germanic root gebaut meaning "it's built," "to build," or "superstructure."  We are  passionate engineers, and at the same time we are builders at heart.

our journey & core tenets

Our mission is to improve the world by enhancing the building process with our deep and unique expertise so that extraordinary buildings are built.

We have served the Boulder Valley, Metro Denver, and Rocky Mountain Front Range region, providing full service structural engineering services since 1982.  Our practice has grown to include service in the majority of states in the continental U.S., and work in Central America and the Caribbean. 

Our vision: GEBAU, inc. is the preeminent boutique structural engineering design & consulting firm in the Mountain West.

We center ourselves around 7 core values: buildability // collaboration // diligence // value // optimization // joy // legacy.  We believe that being faithful to these common core values not only honors GEBAU's legacy as a respected and trusted community organization, but also ensures that we continue building and stake out our legacy long into the future


We believe that successful projects for all involved are synonymous with our own success.

value & distinction

Early in the design process, we focus our efforts on understanding project objectives, team member roles & capabilities before we coalescence around the best fit structural systems.  


We value and prioritize team collaboration. We believe that our ongoing commitment to creating functional, buildable, and cost-effective solutions, candid communication, timely response, follow-through, and devotion to our clients are what set us apart from many.  We foster a supportive team environment in the office that places value on people before everything else.


We practice creative, practical structural engineering for residential, commercial, and multi-use buildings. Our technical expertise, commitment to service, design flexibility, and passion for what we do are why our existing clients keep coming back, and why we believe new clients will find our participation refreshing.

Our team brings an unusually high density of experience to the table. The GEBAU portfolio includes tens of thousands of projects cumulatively valued in the billions.

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Ashley Brendel, P.E.

Structural Engineer &

Sr. Project Manager

Camille Heubner, E.I.T.

Structural Engineer &

Project Manager

Yash Kaswala, P.E.

Structural Engineer & 

Sr. Project Manager

Rob McGough, E.I.T.

Structural Engineer

Tyler Randol E.I.T.

Student Structural Intern

Paul Gallagher, P.E.


Joel Ambrosino, P.E.

Vice President

Raymond Righi, E.I.T.

Structural Engineer

Denise Wyatt

Office Manager

Quincy Gladysh

Reception & Office Administrator

John Arndt, P.E.

Founder, Engineering Consultant

Emily Johnson

Admintrative Assistant 

our office space