We provide insightful, collaborative structural engineering design  solutions for the creation of safe, healthy, and inspiring structures.

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Mountain View


Boulder, Colorado

Old Firehouse

Ridgway, Colorado

what our clients are saying

"We have been talking a lot in the office lately about the performance of all the local structural firms.  Gebau is consistently at the top of the list!”

Boulder Architects (multi-firm office)

A great set of plans!  Thank you so much for your great work - we look forward to working with you more in the future.”

Tim H., Denver, Colorado

“I appreciate that you guys catch these things, and that you all have an eye for high quality work.”

Matt G., Boulder, Colorado

“Thanks to the engineering team for a good coordination meeting this morning.  We made very good progress, and have some excellent solutions that handle issues of budget, schedule, and maintenance and efficiency, among others.  Keep up the good work!”

Kyle C., Colorado