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GEBAU, Inc. Celebrating our 40th year in Business! Jan 3rd — Since 1982, we have been providing high-quality, customized structural engineering services to a variety of architect, developer, homeowner, and contractor clients. As of 2022, we are still going strong!

On The Boards Jun 16th — Exciting New Project Collaboration with Tabberson Architects for a new anchor building in a community center park - a 5000 sq. ft. restaurant/tavern, with ample covered exterior seating, all with exposed heavy timber.

Our team is growing May 13th — Welcome our new team members!

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Simpson Mine Park

Simpson Mine Park

Services: Structural Design of Foundations and Connections.
Designer: Chevo Studios
Contractor: Chevo Studios
Completed: 2010
Structural Systems:  Conventional Spread Footers, Connections of Stone Columns to Footings.  Epoxied Dowel connections of the elevated upper tier of stone to the lower where stone split during construction.

Colorado Buff Sandstone, Slate, Lyons Red Sandstone, Steel, Cast Bronze set on concrete footings. The two entry columns were sawn out of one piece of Colorado Buff Sandstone.  One of the two split as it went through the saw.  Gebau engineered a span using rebar that creates a void in the column.  A mining scene was carved into that span and cast bronze miners and a miner's cart were put in that void to simulate a coal seam.