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“Thanks for coming out so quickly...Thanks for all the hard work...You have been a big help with this.”

Ken J., Colorado

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How to Pay your Bill with a Credit/Debit Card Jun 27th — The following steps will walk you through paying for invoices using a credit/debit card.

Hiring Structural Engineer Feb 18th — We are now seeking a structural engineer to join our team with residential and commercial design experience.

GEBAU, Inc. Celebrating 35 Years in Business! Jan 1st — Since 1982, we have been providing high quality, customized structural engineering services to a variety of architect, developer, homeowner, and contractor clients. As of 2017, we are still going strong!

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Rock Bottom Brewery

Rock Bottom Brewery

Services: Structural Design, Construction Documents, and Construction Administration

Multiple structures, for both new construction and tenant finish of existing buildings, designed  to support the heavy tanks and equipment associated with a large scale brewing process. Building in a variety of jurisdictions requires differing codes paired with differing building and trade environments which all prove to be an interesting challenge. These establishments must also conform to demanding general assembly occupancy requirements and special (heavy) equipment loading cases.