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“I appreciate that you guys catch these things, and that you all have an eye for high quality work.”

Matt G., Boulder, Colorado

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GEBAU, Inc. Celebrating our 40th year in Business! Jan 3rd — Since 1982, we have been providing high-quality, customized structural engineering services to a variety of architect, developer, homeowner, and contractor clients. As of 2022, we are still going strong!

On The Boards Jun 16th — Exciting New Project Collaboration with Tabberson Architects for a new anchor building in a community center park - a 5000 sq. ft. restaurant/tavern, with ample covered exterior seating, all with exposed heavy timber.

Our team is growing May 13th — Welcome our new team members!

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Volunteer Day

Dec 31st, 1969

A few Gebau employees again volunteered their time to contribute to the current Habitat construction project on Jay Rd. in Boulder, Colorado.  The new building is a 4-unit wood framed structure fit with high-efficiency construction techniques including structural floor rims (eliminating thermal bridging of headers), roof mounted solar PV collector arrays, and an overall super-tight building envelope. 

From a structural engineering perspective, the building utilizes highly conventional residential construction techniques:  field-built  wood shear walls and floor & roof diaphragms, wood I joist floors, and engineered roof trusses.

We value every opportunity to be invloved in the field and learn from the building community.  On top of our routine field observations, any time we can take a look at the construction process, we try to take away something new.